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About Horay Solar

HoRay Solar is an integrated photovoltaic company focusing on the R&D, production and sales of solar modules and solar power system. Our products include standard solar module, customized solar module. HoRay Solar has always been committed to the development of globalization with an eye to the global industrial layout. With strong technical support, scientific production management and strict quality control, all the products have reached the industry-leading level and have been approved by the international authorized certification.

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Years in Solar Industry

Since 2010 our first factory was set up for manufacturing customized solar panels, we have been grown up to a GW level company in China and oversea.

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ODM Partner Served

Horay has been cooperate with more than 50 ODM partners all over the world in solar industry.

High Quality Control

Quality is the 1st issue, at Horay, we understand and fullfill this simple principle ever since the very beginning of the manufacturing process. The solar cells and other materials will be pre-inspected before production. The Quality Control are taken all over the process.

Incoming Quality Control
IQC 100%
In-Process Quality Control
IPQC 100%
Final Quality Control
FQC 100%
Outgoing Quality Control
OQC 100%
  • 01. Auto Stringer
    01. Auto Stringer

    100% automated M10 Half cut cell soldering machine

  • 02. Auto Stacking
    02. Auto Stacking

    100% automated soldering taping machine used for stacking.

  • 03. Visual and EL test
    03. Visual and EL test

    All modules will tested 2 times by EL testing

  • 04. Material Feeding
    04. Material Feeding

    Automatic feeding & cutting for EVA and backsheet

Advance Equipments & Facility

Equipment is efficiency, especially in solar industry, ever since the very beginning when we are using more labor working for customize solar module, our CEO GaoLei has set up the goal for a highly automated solar module smart factory with advanced equipment along with intelligent manufacturing management system. 

Company Culture

Why HoRay?

H is for hopeful-Horay Solar, which has been devoted to the global expansion, has a promising future with strong technical support, scientific production management and strict quality control.

O is for Outstanding- Horay products have outstanding advantages, including higher output power and harsh environmental adaptability, ect

R is for Responsible- Undertaking great social responsibility, Horay Solar determined to become a leading PV company in pursuit of good quality.

A is for Aspiring- Our colleagues have the greater ambition to produce cleaner and much more efficient solar panel.

Y is for Youthful- Everyone of our team is full of youth and vigour.