Customized Solar Panel

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Horay Solar

Outdoor Solar

Portability is first issue for solar panel used outdoor, easy to carry, light weighted, able to give enough power to power the applications. Horay 200W Suitcase panel give you the most efficiency when charging your portable appliances. 

Horay Solar

Home Solar

Solar module for Residential use, are our main product on the solar module market, with a compact design and high module efficiency. Residentials solar module are able to design in full black to fit the rooftop design

Horay Solar

Solar Street Light

Solar street light was widely used in different countries, and the trend of street lights and other lights is “Go Solar”, to adapt different type of streets light, the solar panel used are always customized and especially designed for applying in street light system.

Horay Solar

vans/rv' s/traile rs

Charging while driving, Solar system on Vans RV’s Trailer’s top will be extending the life of your energy system, bringing a new era for outdoor activities with your vechiles.

Horay Solar

Marine Solar

Horay 100W Flexible Solar Panel is perfect for marine use,  Lightweight Solar Panel is thin and capable of flexing up to 248 degrees. 

Horay Solar

Solar for Trucks

A Solar system on trucks usually use most high efficiency solar module customized to fit the install on different type of truck, to be ECO friendly and fuel saving. 

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Get your customized solar panel with Horay

ODM for customized solar panels are our advantage, we design and  manufactured for many clients all over the world, to get a quotation from Horay Solar, please Contact us.

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