M10 PERC Solar Module

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Horay use build in 3 technologies for PERC solar modules.

1. M10 HCC Technology  2. Bifacial Dual Glass Processing 3.MultiBusBar

Product Description

1. Maximum product Output:
The maximum output is able to reach 600Wp at a 78-cell level; the conventional 72-cell 144 HCC solar module is able to reach 550Wp.

2. Reduce BOS cost with M10 cell:

With M10 cell used on Horay Solar module, the project BOS will also be reduced due to higher output on single solar module, less labor, less structure and other accessories to be used.

3. Main stream cell size :

The PV industry is converting from regular size to larger size, M10 will be a perfect size for solar cell and solar module. Horay Solar adopted M10 HCC solar panels which will be the main stream for PV industry.